For those who don’t know, the Zoo is all about their human powered wheels and local microbreweries. And we thought, why not combine the best of both? Thirst Gear is a 15 passenger bike-like contraption originally designed in the Netherlands (though ours was custom built in Bend, Oregon). The goal is to gather some friends and maybe a few friendly strangers, and hop on board for a music filled tour of the sud sippin’ streets of downtown Missoula.

Tours cost just $25 per seat for 3 hours of amazingness, and riders pick the stops. Ready?


1. Select the number of people participating. If you have two souls, pick the number two. If you have six able bodies, pick the number 6. If you want the whole darn thing cause you’re the coolest thing since pleated pants, then picking 15 will get you every seat on the bike for three glorious hours.

2. Saturdays are quite popular, so be sure to book far in advance. That goes for Thursday and Fridays too.

3. If you would like to purchase as a gift you can buy a gift card by clicking the “buy now” button. If you are redeeming a gift card click the “redeem” button and enter your voucher number.

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